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Keep It Cool With Corkcicle

Have I mentioned before that I love Corkcicle? Well, I do... and the 10 of them floating around my house are the proof! (Hopefully, I can wrangle them all up and take a picture for you guys).

There are many reasons to love such a wonderful line but I will share my top 3 with you:

1. They are re-usable!

Now, I won't sit here and say that I never have a bottled water because I'd be lying to you but I do try to do my part to help planet earth (after all I was born on Earth Day). In my house we recycle, even when my hubby makes a funny face when I take something out of the trash bin he mistakenly threw in.

Corkcicle also does their part to make a difference. Did you know that there are 785 million people on Earth that live without clean water? I didn't before writing this blog. That is an outstanding number. That is why Corkcicle has partnered with charity: water to help make 
a difference. Every Corkcicle product purchased helps bring clean water to people in need. 

2. They come in many shapes and sizes (and colors!)!

They've got Tumblers, Canteens, Coffee Mugs, Wine Glasses and even Champagne Flutes. Whatever you're drinking, they've got something to put it in!

Here's that picture I promised (the one's I could find at least, my hubby always take 1 or 2 to work with him).

 3. They Keep it COLD!

I won't even go into how HOT they can keep it because it really is too hot outside to think about that...

Depending on the style of cup you get it can keep your drinks cold between 9 - 25 hours (mind-blowing I know)! How do they do it? Well, without all the mumbo-jumbo, they are triple insulated. And that third layer keeps drinks cold for up to 20 percent longer than other insulated bottles and cups.

I won't bore you with all the other reasons I love Corkcicle like how they have a slip-proof bottom, a cap on the lid, they don't sweat, a cool re-useable metal straw (for an extra-cold sip)... 

If you have one, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine and if you don't have one, I hope you give them a try! 

 -Sylmarie Alvarado

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