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Trick or Treat

The year 2020 has definitely come with it’s fair share of surprises. If you are like me, with young kids in the house, it means that this holiday season is looking a little different starting with Halloween. I always make a big deal of what they want to wear for their costumes and even make my always busy husband walk the neighborhood with us. We’ve done Disney’s Not So Scary, the SeaWorld Spooktacular, Legoland’s Brick or Treat, the Mall scene and whatever I can find in between because I want my kids to be kids and enjoy the one day of the year they get FREE candy and pretend to be their favorite character! I even get my cat to model for Halloween, lol! However, this year I have opted out. So what does that mean for my kids?! It means that I have to Hocus Pocus some Halloween baskets!

Now, I am not lucky enough to have girls because I would totally deck them out in Polka Dotz gear… however, I do have a few ideas of super cute Halloween treats (besides chocolate) you might want to add to your Halloween baskets!

Treat #1: Teleties

Teleties are literally a double treat! They are hair ties that double as an adorable bracelet. They come in packs of three so they are a perfect little gift. What I like to do is get a few packets and create different combinations that I can share with my family and friends. Plus, remember how I said they are adorable? Well, the last time I got myself a pack I showed them to my mother, who rocks a cute pixie cut by the way, and she begged me for one just to wear as bracelet! And I couldn’t even blame her! 


Treat #2: Pura Vida

I love Pura Vida, I mean what’s not to love?! They are the ultimate stackable friendship bracelet. As a company they give back to charities and they provides jobs to artisans all over the world which makes me feel like my Pura Vida jewelry is even that more special. Let’s backtrack a little… I know I said ultimate friendship bracelet, remember those? Friendship bracelets? What I remember most about them is that once you put them on you could not take them off, only a pair of scissors could do that! Well, Pura Vida makes pull bracelets so you can wear one, stack a few, switch them out and best of all take them off without a pair of scissors!


Treat #3: Car Charms

Honestly, I love the car charms at Polka Dotz (I hope I don’t sound biased)! What’s a car charm you may ask? Well a car charm hangs from your rear view mirror and it is way more stylish that the face mask trend going on right now. I bought my very first car charm around 13 years ago,  my grandfather had recently passed away and he had just helped me buy my first car. I bought a simple angel to remind me of him and all the happy times we spent together. I’ve had many cars since and my angel still hangs from my rearview mirror today and every time I see it there is a smile on my face reminding me of happy times. Since I have loved mine so much, I have given countless car charms as gifts throughout the years hoping that I can bring a smile to someone else. 


Treat#4: Chocolate

Can’t forget a girls best friend! At least not in mine…


I hope I gave you a few ideas for your Halloween baskets but I have to say, I kind of want to make a basket for myself right now. No matter what your Halloween looks like this year, I hope you have a safe and happy one!

-Sylmarie <3

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