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Little Words Project Bracelets - why should I give it away?

Recently I reconnected with a special person in my life. She is a grateful young lady and has a sincere appreciation for simple things like a beautiful sunset or a morning walk with her dog. She takes time to stop and see the good in the world around her and reminded me to do the same. She isn’t caught up in having Things and just appreciates new explorations and “being”. I admire that.
I had taken some of these Little Words Project bracelets with me and we each chose one. I’ve had a lot of positive message “things” like shirts, other jewelry,etc. but for some reason this one just made an impact. I didn’t think much about it at the time but I have to say since then I have glanced down at my wrist probably 50 times and been reminded to refocus. It’s a gentle reminder and a very positive one.
Now I know at some time in the near future someone will come along and need this bracelet more than I do and I will be happy to pass it along because that is what the whole idea is. I absolutely love my bracelet but even more I love that I can share that positive energy with others. I love that I can register it, share it and track where it goes. It’s just another way of staying connected to the world and people in it, even if you don’t know them. We could certainly all benefit from spreading positive energy in the world.
❤️@Little Words Project! Shop Little Words Project bracelets at and remember, what you buy matters and where you buy matters more!
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