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Strength, Significance, Sentiment … Why We Love Butterflies

Butterflies are rich in symbolism. Their life cycle alone epitomizes transformation. Sometimes we all need to stop, r...

Gift Giving doesn’t have to be a challenge

Each beautifully handcrafted (in the US) bracelet carries a special meaning. From “I Am Worthy” reminding us of our ...

What does jewelry really mean?

Let’s face it, jewelry in its natural form is just a hunk of metal. But give that jewelry a meaning, definitition and...

To All The Dreamers...

Small Business Saturday is upon us! For us, it is a very special day. It marks another year where we have been loved ...

Little Words Project Bracelets - why should I give it away?

Little Words Project trackable bracelets. A gift that truly keeps on giving.

My Pandora Story!

Pandora Jewelry in many ways has become my personal diary. My story is written on my wrists through my charms (it’s w...

Shop Local, It Matters!

We are part of this town and proud of that. We are also so proud of some of the Polka Dotz team members who are now o...
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