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Strength, Significance, Sentiment … Why We Love Butterflies

Butterflies are rich in symbolism. Their life cycle alone epitomizes transformation. Sometimes we all need to stop, regroup and refocus. The hard times can challenge us but, like the butterfly, we can transcend  -  rising above stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Some butterflies have even more significant meaning like those from Kamaria. Founded by two young ladies who suffered sexual assault during college, Kamaria was born to help other victims continue their education by helping with tuition, medical, and housing expenses through their non profit “Restore Dignity”. 

The Butterfly is their symbol and a reminder of our internal strength to overcome. 

This is why we love butterflies and we love Kamaria.

At Polka Dotz we stress Greatness, Gratitude, Giving and the Butterfly is definitely a sign of Greatness. 

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