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Gift Giving doesn’t have to be a challenge

Gift giving can be difficult. Sometimes the people closest to us are the hardest to buy for. I’ve never liked buying obligatory gifts for holidays. I would rather buy random gifts to let people know I’m really thinking of them but even then I struggle with what to get.

When I started Polka Dotz I searched for gifts that would mean something and brands that aligned with our core values of Greatness, Gratitude and Giving.

I have a few favorites for sure and Ronaldo is a key “go to” for me. Each beautifully handcrafted (in the US) bracelet carries a special meaning. From “I Am Worthy” reminding us of our value to “Infinite Angel” tying loved ones together eternally, these bracelets help you express everything from encouragement, inspiration, sympathy, and unconditional love all wrapped up in a beautifully woven silver and gold reminder to wear daily. 

Yes, giving a very special gift can be easy and doesn’t have to cost a bundle. Look for items that can express your feelings in ways you perhaps cannot.

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