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My Pandora Story!

I started working at Polka Dotz when I was just 19 years old, back in 2006 (I’m sure you can do the math). That was also the year we started carrying Pandora Jewelry. I remember it like yesterday, the little black boxes we stored the charms in. It was overwhelming to try to remember all the charms hidden in those boxes. It was also so exciting when we realized what we had gotten ourselves into. In the beginning, not many locals knew what Pandora charms were but we had plenty of tourist coming to our little shop and they couldn’t get enough of them.

It wasn’t long before everyone knew Pandora and everybody wanted to tell their story through their beautiful charm bracelets. I was one of them. I, too, wanted to tell my story. At first you don’t know what that’s going to be because as you know there is always a new story to tell.

I have some special charms I want to share with you because they represented huge moments in my life. I’m sure you know what I am talking about because I’m sure you also have those charms in your bracelets. I have to precede my story with an admission. Many years ago my home was broken into and (you guessed it) all of my Pandora Jewelry was stolen, all except what I had worn to work that day. Which makes these charms a little extra special because while I was able to replace some items, many were irreplaceable as they had been already retired (sound the alarms).

The Angel of Hope

I hate to start you off this way but this was my first significant charm. It marked the loss of my beloved grandfather. It was my first big loss and I had never experienced anything like that feeling before. He was, and still is, my angel. I keep him in my bracelet to remind me of him; and as the years have passed all of my grandparents, who were such an important part of my life. A kid never forgets the love of her grandparents. I always strive for my children to have that type of relationship with their grandparents.

Pandora Angel of Hope Charm

The Seashell, Dolphin & The Key To My Heart

Everyone loves a good love story right?! Well, these tell my love story. I met the man I would come to marry in an impromptu beach day. A bunch of my friends and friends of friends got together to go to the beach one day and there he was, a brown eyed cutie. (It also helps that he has a passion for saltwater tanks). For our first anniversary, we celebrated in Discovery Cove where we got to meet and swim with Dolphins, amazing! Ten years ago (we celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year) wis when I gave him the Key to my Heart. It’s like these charms were made for me!

Seashell, Dolphin and Key to my Heart Pandora Charm

The Baby Carriage

There are charms that you love and you just have to find a reason to buy them. Then there’s the charms that find you! This one definitely found its way to me when I found out I was expecting my first child. I was the first out of my group of friends and the first of my family, so needless to say it was a huge deal! A special friend got this one for me to celebrate one of the biggest gifts I have ever received, my first born son. I am now the proud Mama of two boys and couldn’t imagine life without them.

Pandora Baby Carriage Charm

Pandora Jewelry in many ways has become my personal diary. My story is written on my wrists through my charms (it’s way easier than writing it all down) and I can take it anywhere. I also realize now that this is only the beginning...

What’s your story? 

-Sylmarie Alvarado

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