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We all know these are times of uncertainty and fear. We are all learning what the new normal will be. None of us expected this but one thing that is such a joy to see is how people are rallying around each other and putting aside differences to really help each other. We are taking a little time from our crazy busy lives to reach out and thank others.

We are part of this town and proud of that. We are also so proud of some of the Polka Dotz team members who are now out there serving this community. It’s small businesses that are helping put young people like this through school so they can go on and do great things.

We know it is easier to shop at Amazon or any other online retailer. Believe me we know. But easier isn’t always better and we are hoping after reading about these three reasons you will consider shopping local. We want to be here to serve you for years to come but that can only happen with your support. Shop local for everything you can because your community, and the people like DD and Madison, and the charities like Polka Dogz Pet Rescue are depending on you.

SHOP POLKADOTZ.COM or reach out for curbside service and delivery!

1. Hi, my name is Deandra. Most people at Polka Dotz know me as DD. I worked at Polka Dotz throughout nursing school. Currently, I’m a nurse at Dr. Phillips Hospital working on the Cardiac PCU. Polka Dotz helped shape me into the person and nurse I am today. I’m so thankful to be able to help and give back to the community during this time of need and uncertainty. I hope everyone is staying healthy, strong, and safe! We’re all in this together! 💗

2. My name is Madison Strong and as a sales associate and team member of Polka Dotz. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to not only develop and refine my communication, critical thinking, situational management and customer service skills, but to define and pursue my passion for the future. As Sophomore in Advent Health’s Nuclear Medicine, I’ll be able to fulfill a passion and purpose thats been on my heart for many years and to touch the lives of individuals through Nuclear Imaging and CT scans. I’m excited to do my part to make their medical procedures and tenure as calm, peaceful and enjoyable as possible. Thank you to all my fellow associates, management and customers for being a part of this journey and supporting me in the relationships, environment and experiences to step into a calling and equip me with the abilities to confidently pursue my passion to make a joyful and positive impact on the world.

3. My name is Maverick. I was found on the side of the road, paralyzed and left to die. Polka Dogz Pet Rescue, which is supported by the founders of Polka Dotz, saved me and brought me back to life. This charity is just one of many the owners of this small business support.

We hope you will be inspired to SHOP LOCAL for Mother’s Day and every day. We are!

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